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Wildlife Enrichment Programs Featuring Wildlife Biologist Trygve Swift
Letter to Educators
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Dear Educators,

For students to be properly prepared to face future environmental issues, it is vital that they address them from an educated and conscientious perspective. As a trained wildlife biologist, with over 25 years of experience with environmental education and ecological research projects, I have developed a variety of wildlife education programs that utilize live animals that will enlighten students about the importance of our natural environment and the interrelationships among all living things.

These programs teach students about environmental issues like rainforest deforestation, endangered species, biological diversity, and much more. They also are an excellent way to introduce or culminate a special animal study project your class or school may be conducting. Live animal experiences make these programs memorable as well as a good way to reinforce your classroom science curriculum.

I hope this information will help you in planning future environmental enrichment programs that are educational, stimulating, and enjoyable. If you feel that your students can benefit from these programs call soon because program availability is limited.


Trygve Swift